Plastic land


Maestro Professore Doktorus Karpfen (55) is not a villain in the proper sense. Born to a mermaid mother and a circus director, young Maestro grew up among quirky circus acts as a little, fish-mouthed freak. But even though his childhood was not a normal one, he always felt secure and loved.

Maestro is a circus enthusiast with a child-like imagination and a penchant for megalomania. He has devised illusion machines and all types of electrical devices producing light, smoke, and smells. Unfortunately, however, all of them have their little faults and flaws. That‘s why he never received the recognition he desired and gradually became bitter – particularly because he had to watch his former best friend Jaron, whom he met at the ‚School of Marvels, Monsters, and Miracles‘, create more celebrated and ingenious inventions that even had a positive impact.

For this reason, he devotes his creativity to protecting the oceans, albeit in a very radical manner. But isn‘t that necessary if you want to make a difference?

Listen to the audio book part 5

Concept designs from the scenography course at Filmuniversity Babelsberg

as the basis for "walk-in images" in the form of video clips

Artistic Research: Reflections about Plastic

Results from the International Masterclass Artistic Research:
Transmedia Storytelling – Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan at Filmuniversity Babelsberg 2019


Camilla finds like-minded people in the project"The Universal Sea – pure or plastic"

Art, science and innovation collaborations have proven to be a successful mix to catalyze change, while offering a new business model for artists and cultural players.
Introduced by the founder Nicole Loeser from "Institute for Art and Innovation"

Pineatafilled with fortune cookiesin the form of credit cards.They contain messagesfrom the ocean.

(Wikipedia: The piñatas [piˈɲata] are brightly colored papier-mâché figures filled with candy. People whose eyes are blindfolded hit the piñata with a stick until it breaks and the surprises hidden inside fall out.)

"Every week the people eat microplastics in the amount of a credit card." Yours, the ocean